№1 HP Reseller

HP has acknowledged the ALSI better in Kazakhstan, and has awarded the award for "Reseller №1" (for the period of 2016.) Get the recognition from HP and Reseller title №1 among all resellers in Kazakhstan - is the key to the further development and prosperity of the company, it is - a colossal work, it merit all the company's staff, from managers to work with clients and to managerial staff ALSI.  
ALSI Company is in constant motion, working with clients, we are committed to long-term relationships with customers. 
Thanks to the rich experience of specialists ALSI Company has the opportunity to develop and build mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers, and maintains the highest level of its customers. 
We sincerely thank our customers, in all honesty, we declare that without them we would not have been able to achieve such success.