Mission and goals   

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      The world is changing very quickly, and mainly thanks to progress in the field of IT-technologies. These changes are so common that many people perceive them as somewhat ephemera and not able to break the usual course of events. However, it is clear that in a very short period IT-technology has transformed the world! 
       We welcome these changes and appreciate their true value. The main point realization by each individual allows him to keep the harmony in the age of fast moving and integral innovation. ALSI's scope is to organically integrate the innovative solutions into people's lives.
     Today, ALSI - is a large business that has 25 years of successful operation. The great wealth of experience to the job, a great mind to do more, and most importantly - the confidence of our customers - allows us to look ahead with confidence. We are focused on perspective; we not only expand our presence in existing markets, but also develop new directions, while maintaining high quality of service to our customers and working in compliance with the international quality standard.